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The FGL environment provides an optimized method for interacting with Java and other high-level languages through the use of kernel-level redirection and other advanced methodologies. This is used to provide seamless access to 3rd-party components such as JBoss and Tomcat application servers, among others, from within the consolidating FifthGen Server.

The FifthGen Server supports the EXTERNAL_REDIRECT command as part of the server configuration, defined as:



      Description = redirection desciption
      MimeType = name of mime-type to redirect, such as: JSP
      Domain = the domain to redirect the request to
      Port = the TCP/IP port on the domain to redirect to

Use the SERVER configuration utility to setup and maintain external redirection functionality.

Once configured, any request to the FifthGen Server that involves a redirected mime-type will be automatically forwarded to the designated domain and TCP/IP port. The return results will be displayed from within the FifthGen Server as if the externalized process were a completely integrated component.

The FGL environment is unique in this process in that the redirection is handled within the kernel itself rather through an external driver of SAPI interface. This provides a level of performance and flexibility otherwise unmatchable.

Two excellent add-in application servers for Java are Apacheís Tomcat and Red Hatís JBoss. Both can be used to provide integrated Java execution environments for the FGL platform.

You can download either of them from:


Once you have installed Tomcat or JBoss, simply add the proper Mime-type redirection instructions to the FifthGen Server configuration. For example, if you install Tomcat on port 8080 of the same machine as the FifthGen Server, then the following configuration options will be utilized:

All that is required is to configure the proper redirector(s), restart the server, and you now have integrated access to optimized Java through the FGL environment.