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The FGL linker is part of the freely provided FifthGen Engine and is used to create standalone Windows and console executables from FGL object code and libraries. It is invoked directly from the command line or from within your program editor (TextPad) or properly configured IDE. The default installation places the linker, SLINK.EXE, in the c:\fgl directory and adds this directory to the system path.

The linker will automatically display any warning or error messages to the console, which will include a detailed message and relevant line number in the corresponding source file. Errors detected by the linker will prevent the executable from being created. If you are using the TextPad FGL-linker tool, you can double click on the warning or error message to immediately jump to the corresponding source file and line number.

SLANG (tm) Linker   v2.0 Build 236
Copyright (c) 1996-2006 by Fifth Generation Systems, Inc., All Rights Reserved

usage: slink <inOutFile[.FGX]> | <outFile.EXE> <inFile>[.FGX] <inFile>[.FLB|.FGX]... 
       [/WIN[:<file.ico>]] [/TRUSTED]
Syntax:    inOutFile[.FGX]      FGL program object file created with the FGL
                                compiler. The name of the object file will be
                                used to name the EXE file created by the linker
           outFile.exe          specifies the name of the EXE file to create
           inFile[.FGX|.FLB]    specifies the object files and optional libraries
                                to link into the EXE file
           [/WIN[:<file.ico>]]  optionally specifies that the EXE file should be
                                a Window executable (with optional icon file). The 
                                default is to create a console executable. 
           [/TRUSTED]           used with advanced security model. Creates trusted
                                applications that have digital encoding and signing.

Examples:  slink common
           slink common.fgx
           slink common.exe mymain.fgx mycommon.flb
           slink common /win:c:\icons\myicon.ico
Sample Output:    

c:>slink hello /win

SLANG (tm) Linker   v2.0 Build 236
Copyright (c) 1996-2006 by Fifth Generation Systems, Inc., All Rights Reserved

Procedures       = 1
Classes          = 0

Executable Size  = 5560

Results of compiling and linking HELLO WORLD into a standalone EXE file:

01/01/2006  05:52 PM                25 hello.fgl    // source file
01/01/2006  05:52 PM               147 hello.fgx    // object code (from compiler)
01/01/2006  05:54 PM             5,560 hello.exe    // EXE (from linker)

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